Month: October, 2015

New York Stock Exchange

24 October, 2015 (08:11) | News |

Exhibition journalistic news agencies and mass media. The renowned specialist, consultant and investor in bag, Juan Dominguez, has installed the network its new audio-visual course earn Dollar on the New York Stock Exchange. It comprises a complete learning to make investments minimizing risks, through their proven analysis for investors, novice and stop those who want […]

New York Light Lamps

22 October, 2015 (22:18) | News |

Leucos – factory lamps from Murano glass, is a concern Firme di Vetro. Leucos brand appeared in 1962, becoming literate connections result of innovative ideas and traditions of Italian design masters of handmade production of Murano glass. Products Leucos: pendant lamps, fixtures, fittings, fixtures, wall, chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps, lamps, interior. Leucos is constantly researching […]

The Reform Of Higher Education

12 October, 2015 (04:18) | News |

If the Government and institutions of higher education (IES) are able to structure a reform whose scope and specificity to cover all aspects and conditions to achieve the coverage and quality objectives and strengthen the public University, is welcome.The structuring of a reform in line with the requirements of national development and the era assumes […]

Long Distance Transportation

10 October, 2015 (12:56) | News |

Corporalia, central Puzzle red franchise group, is responsible for the creation, management and distribution of content in the new entertainment channel on board for users of long distance transportation of the community of Madrid. Canal Bus, this is a project that began its broadcast a couple of months, after more than two years of development, […]

Spy Phone

2 October, 2015 (08:48) | News |

Human beings have curiosity normal know the unknown. Once again, the mobile phone is a very common device in our daily life.Even the children who go to school used cell phone.There is no doubt about that. Despite the benefits, mobile phone creates a bit of extra pain in our lives.For example, many companies are offering […]


1 October, 2015 (09:48) | News |

However the companies leaders in technology and e-business as Google, Amazon, IBM, Oracle and Microsoft provide services of this nature and that they are also users of this modality, cites the case of Microsoft where considered this issue as one of five priorities for 2009. Is also known that the cloud computing is an important […]

Internet Skills

1 October, 2015 (09:48) | News |

All the information that we need to know about any subject under the Sun is literally at our fingertips. What we did not find on the Internet, we can find it in a book or working as an apprentice with a good mentor. Of course, to take advantage of this avalanche of information, need to […]