Month: November, 2015

Santa Lucia Beach

27 November, 2015 (15:48) | News |

Having enjoyed the benefits of the Santa Lucia beach, we recommend you continue east. There is a town that if you visit Las Tunas, capital of the province of the same name, founded in 1796. The distance between St. Lucia and Las Tunas is approximately 87 km. Except for some isolated small hills and low […]

Street Commercial Center

25 November, 2015 (19:33) | News |

physical 2.2.1.Estrutura of the School the Intermediate school of the Estoril, a school of official education, located in the Street Commercial Center Nr. 276, City of the Side, in the quarter of the Estoril. In recent months, NYC Mayor has been very successful. 2.2.2. Physical description of the School the Intermediate school of the Estoril, […]

Center Elements

15 November, 2015 (11:41) | News |

We feel the presence of this dominant form of Qi in the spring flowering of nature, feel the richness of summer, breadth and generosity of all vegetation and odors in the atmosphere. Autumn – the period of decay and downsizing. Winter – preservation and conservation of resources. Between the seasons comes a sense of wealth, […]

European Central Bank

10 November, 2015 (13:13) | News |

The European Central Bank is the central European finance, this is established because the creation of the single European currency, the euro and European Union countries (EU). The European Central Bank is located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, from where it was listed as the main symbol and core of the proper functioning of the […]

Major Maintenance Contract

4 November, 2015 (08:41) | News |

KONE is the company responsible for maintenance of all elevators and escalators installed in subway stations in the Swedish capital. And is that the brand has made a contract for six years, beginning on January 1, 2010, for the maintenance of the 362 lifts and 372 escalators with which account this transportation network. “We appreciate […]