Month: April, 2016

United Kingdom

15 April, 2016 (19:12) | News |

The wave of disturbances has summoned up four lives and has motivated 1,094 haltings. The Police could resort to guns of water and rubber bullets. Keys to understand the big wave of street violence in the United Kingdom. A violence without precedents " contundente&quot deserves an answer; . Thus creates British prime minister, David Cameron, […]

Statistical Yearbook Magazine

14 April, 2016 (09:56) | News |

Inside of this context of confrontation of the daily life, the agricultural worker many times if sees debtor to abandon its native land leaving its family in the ilusria condition of a return with great conquests, thus producing a cycle of generations subordinated to the capitalist conjuncture. Ahead of as many evidences of the precarizao […]