Month: July, 2016

The Evening

31 July, 2016 (04:15) | News |

But I'm so frustrated over this issue, I want to start researching on my own. Learn once and who is the murderer. I leave the rock tree. I see the city. In all corners. Following his trail to find him. Although I'm not sure what I'll do when you find it. I see very strange […]

Rio Grande

15 July, 2016 (10:56) | News |

Those who were born in the South of the Rio Grande, support certain inconveniences that are not common to others when we immigrate to the North. Us identifies as Hispanic not by the language we speak, or the cultural heritage that we have, but by our ethnic characteristics. Same as African-Americans. We are also qualified […]

Motorola Mobility

15 July, 2016 (02:33) | News |

The director of Communication in Latin America assures that he became for " to put pie" in the devices that will dominate the world of the connection to Internet. The company paid 12,500 million dollars by Motorola, in the middle of the fight by the licenses or patents. Google has denounced a campaign of bad […]

The Best Smile

1 July, 2016 (06:48) | News |

However, avoid hairstyles that are too slicked straight hair, or on the photo you can get bald. It is best to obtain pictures with her hair. If you have natural straight hair, for a better shine to comb a brush with natural bristles, and then sprinkle with glitter paint. Natural bristles are composed of layers […]