Month: February, 2017


22 February, 2017 (05:02) | News |

Choose where you want to go honeymoon is never easy must agree as a couple, in what type of honeymoon is the one of your dreams. Remember that this will be an unforgettable memory, and how to start your new life.SOL Y PLAYAAquellos love that beach, the Sun, they should plan a honeymoon to a […]

Quaterly Journal

21 February, 2017 (12:02) | News |

In the same way, an increase in the taxes of interests can produce a effect of adverse incentive inducing enterprising to choose the projects riskiest and more lucrative (when successful). In this case the debtor is indifferent between two or more projects with different probabilities of success. For Clemenz (1986) all the debtors are identical, […]

Travel Offer Travel Specifically For Managers, Entrepreneurs And Artists

20 February, 2017 (19:43) | News |

FitWell travel specializes in premium burnout – and prevention-Reisen Hamburg, 13.01.09 – the Hamburg travel agents FitWell travel offers the optimal combination of holiday and prevention for the first time with its own catalog out fired executives and artists. In collaboration with the renowned Hamburg consultancy of exhaustion at managers LifeB consulting – FitWell travel […]

Coca Cola Perfumes Best

15 February, 2017 (23:11) | News |

Surely the drink without alcohol most popular in the world, Coca Cola needs no introduction. Over the years, the black and bubbly BREW has known multiple reversions, although the classical formula remains a favorite of everyone. And if there was Cherry Coke, Coca Cola, Coca Cola and vanilla with lemon, why not could there be […]

Wonderful For Brands4friends

14 February, 2017 (12:11) | News |

Glorious – the finest fabric in the shopping Club, brands4friends of beautiful factory is a young, new brand, which is characterized by love to the detail and the high quality fit and individual style. The brand owes these attributes marvellous”his creator Erwin Licher. He is considered an experienced designer, form employer and thought leaders in […]


13 February, 2017 (23:18) | News |

Yes, and I think we should not be afraid to say "need". Faith may be starting first with the recognition of the limits which we live, the inability to extricate himself, needing someone to come to our rescue. And if the psalms say continually, "God be my helper," "God come to my rescue," "Shoot me […]


13 February, 2017 (19:57) | News |

The goal of education is the virtue and the desire to become a good citizen. Plato introduction is necessary to redefine what should be the role of postgraduates in their different disciplines in the Venezuelan public universities in order to ensure academic and research excellence that in recent years, in some graduate, such as those […]

West Broadway New York

12 February, 2017 (17:56) | News |

The Soho Grand and Tribeca Grand Hotels have launched their new loyalty program: with GrandLife rewards the well-known New York guests hotels your stay even better. The famous New York Soho Grand and Tribeca Grand Hotels have started just GrandLife rewards. This new program rewards loyal guests as opposed to the previous program even with […]

Voluntary Attention

8 February, 2017 (11:11) | News |

Focalizao is different of sustentation; The attention creates a field in which evolutions of the thought are possible without they are lost; these are possible by means of the unification of the old one to the new. Sensorial attention: Sensible objects (sounds, colors) intellectual Attention: Idealismo involuntary Attention: Feeling of effort divided Attention: I am […]

The Persistent

8 February, 2017 (11:11) | News |

Already in the autumn of 2007 occurred as a result of the incipient global crisis of financial markets, which affected in particular on the financial centre of London, significant declines in commercial rents in London. The fundamental possibility of the value fluctuations, nor on the concrete development of commercial rents in London, which were also […]