Month: September, 2017

Businesses Raising Capital

24 September, 2017 (05:34) | News |

Financial seminar offers her informative financial seminar on raising capital for investments Dr. Werner financial services AG on September 24th, 2008 in Gottingen with four top speakers financial seminar on September 24th, 2008 in Gottingen with four top speakers in autumn 2008 at concessionary rates. The seminar provides detailed information on all routes to more […]

Advice Unless

14 September, 2017 (06:26) | News |

In the banking organizations and real estate auctions, it is possible to find immovable, that although differences in price are not so significant, can be found out by the daciones in payment, that can be to prices a little lower than those of the market. Before buying his building, it tries to know the sector, […]

Power Decentralization

7 September, 2017 (13:44) | News |

The prism of the democracy, the decentralization of the power, the management shared with all the involved ones in the process of education of the establishment. Therefore, it fits to each one of us ‘ ‘ to rethink the school as a democratic space of exchange and production of knowledge that is the great challenge […]


5 September, 2017 (20:56) | News |

The industry of the tourism has not been free of the hard blow of the crisis, seeing itself affected world-wide level and having itself which had to take numerous measures. Example of these measures is the formulation of supplies, reduction of personnel, closing by season of hotels and many others more. Nevertheless, the different ministries […]