Month: October, 2017

III Holistic

28 October, 2017 (04:02) | News |

Intelligence spiritual, is inclusive, top and last, intelligence enables us to transcend and reach self-realization. It is the ability to be sensitive to be a better be. To read more click here: Restaurateur. The ability to be happy despite the circumstances. Clarifying that: Ramon Gallegos tells us that the concept of spiritual intelligence is not […]

Public Safety

24 October, 2017 (22:26) | News |

The spiral of violence in which live Peru capital Lima, is not a problem exclusive to these lands. It is a global problem, which is giving in the cities more developed, such as Bogota, Mexico City, New York, among others. Many years ago the city of Shanghai was also very violent, they dominated the mafia. […]

Google Mobil

24 October, 2017 (06:02) | News |

How can be from car companies mobility providers and platforms Dusseldorf/New York, may, 2009 cars have no economic activity according to Jeff Jarvis, a media professor. You remain the same always, year after year. Now all look the same. And only rarely they provoke enthusiasm”, writes Jarvis in his book what would Google do?”. ” […]

Prevail, But Really!

21 October, 2017 (00:18) | News |

“Dale Carnegie Training published Guidebook for more confidence and assertiveness in the profession assert themselves, but really!” – this is the title of the new 5 strategies for more successful in my career -, Carolin Skiba from the translated book of the international American make training provider Dale Carnegie Training. The reader meets the five […]

New York Music

17 October, 2017 (23:33) | News |

Strangely enough, but the prevalence of identity and the large number of bands did not contribute to the promotion of punk to the masses. Those groups that existed in the 60-70 years of XX century, were content to small and not tried to break into the big stage, many of them even did studio recordings. […]

Affiliate Programs

16 October, 2017 (23:33) | News |

Lately it has become in fashion to want to make money online. On the Internet there are so many ways to earn. And so the order of the first method the easiest, simplest work in the mail the sponsor, the meaning of the ad read letter, click advertising, then visit some specific sites, all just […]

Start Changing Your Life Style

10 October, 2017 (17:56) | News |

Hello, ready /a to start changing your life? Antes_que nothing I have two questions to ask you (know as sincere as possible with yourself): 1) are living the way you want to? (2) What you’ve got until now to reach your personal or professional goals? If the answer to these questions is NO, congratulations!, first […]

Munich Rights

9 October, 2017 (13:26) | News |

To restore personal liberty for all people, defends and promotes the Scientology Church tireless human rights. For the rights of all people the Church committed in use already for a long time for this, to make the Declaration widely known and to enforce. This historical and ratified by the United Nations in 1948 document is […]

Maintaining MySQL

5 October, 2017 (04:02) | News |

PHP MySQL development sites are best suited to fulfill these needs where one can easily control the visitor s status. The combination of both PHP and MySQL provides unlimited options to create any child of site from a small PDF file to a large corporate portal. PHP is one of the most popular scripting languages […]

Central American

4 October, 2017 (11:48) | News |

Introduction by their geographical characteristics, cultural and economic, between other, Yucatan is a place of opportunities for international cooperation. For more clarity and thought, follow up with best bars in New York and gain more knowledge.. Of the Mayab is a territory where the success of the projects is a guarantee and investment is secured. […]