Month: January, 2018

Gifts From Poland

24 January, 2018 (21:48) | News |

What we know about Poland? Do we remember about this state is something else, besides the fact that Poland was virtually destroyed during World War ii? Do we know what interesting things you can see, spending holidays? And what can be brought in gift to friends, pleased and surprised them? In fact, now Poland – […]

Russian Research Center

19 January, 2018 (08:02) | News |

"If the temperature is low, the foam can be frozen, but not dry. To avoid this, warm Installers in warm water, if the house is not heated, "- says Alex Drobyshev, a specialist installer of" promo – Window supermarket. "The characteristics used in the installation of windows foam, vapor barrier tapes, silicones also impose limitations. […]

The Competitors

13 January, 2018 (00:56) | News |

A cost of the image is a cost that always must be considered, either it of a specific area or the company as a whole. Another important point in not becoming planning is the fact of not stipulating goals to be reached. The fact of not having definite goals generates what I consider the biggest […]

Bulgarian Property Prices

7 January, 2018 (13:03) | News |

According to the National Institute of Statistics of Bulgaria, lowering prices in some sectors of the real estate market in Bulgaria started in the last months of 2008 – in some areas of Bulgaria, the price of less interesting real estate declined by 4-15%. Prices are more expensive and high-quality facilities have stopped. Despite the […]

Wire Boundary

1 January, 2018 (18:57) | News |

Sphere in three dimensions – a ball, "ordinary" sphere. But here's the curious thing: Wire can break down a sheet of paper cut and cube cut it. And yet it turns out that one-dimensional surface, line, separated by a surface of zero measure – a point. A two-dimensional plane is divided into two-dimensional line and […]