Month: April, 2018

Rock Band

29 April, 2018 (22:02) | News |

I've thought, during Gorbachev's perestroika was interesting to live, except, perhaps, the last two years, when television began to press again, all progressive and democratic, but disappeared from stores absolutely everything (turn, coupons, cards – all of which I drank in full, still recall with horror). On the other hand, the 1985-89 … Oh, how […]

Young Poets

29 April, 2018 (06:18) | News |

In our modern world there are still romantics who write poetry. Some do not even just her lover! Much to the dismay of many of them we have not seen and not heard their work. They do not show on television, not read on the radio, do not print in newspapers and magazines. Modern poets […]

Radio Text

27 April, 2018 (21:56) | News |

We are proud to let you know that specially for Russian fans of experimental modern prose and all interested young professionals by the Swedish company PRD Grupp (Stockholm) launched the first portal of the text television on a commercial basis – Teextee. It group of poets and writers have already created more than 10 novels, […]

First Months Of War

24 April, 2018 (03:57) | News |

Hedge Fund, Investment Funds, ZuluTrade, Collective2, forex, … through an organized stock exchange, which requires that contracts be standardized. … Immediately came to Tetuan, Franco, among the first steps to take, one was to seek international assistance. Shipping to Bolin in the Dragon Rapide to Lisbon to report to Sanjurjo and then travel to Italy […]

Disciplines Have Practical And Theoretical Aspects

23 April, 2018 (13:56) | News |

These disciplines proposed by Senge (1992), are: personal mastery, mental models, shared vision, team learning, systems thinking: Table 6 The Five Disciplines of organizational learning. Theoretical and Practical Aspects (Senge, 1999) Disciplines Practical Theoretical Aspects 1. Systems Thinking? Conceptual framework which integrates the other disciplines. Referring to the concern about the processes no longer deal […]


23 April, 2018 (12:56) | News |

Positive thinking affects everything you do, high vibration permeates everything around you. Only works on your behalf and that of others, since in the realm of the positive mind attracts positive and reject the negative. 5. Many on the planet would want to be in your place. Be thankful for what you have, and from […]

MANHATTAN Mobile Power Pack

20 April, 2018 (04:27) | News |

Additional power supply for mobile devices Halver, August 27, 2009 – MANHATTAN, leading accessories designers of IC INTRACOM and specialist for mobile computing, has a brand new product in the range, the mobile power pack for travelling. When traveling the battery makes floppy, if MP3 player or digital camera to a service, the handy power […]

Internet Luminale

19 April, 2018 (19:11) | News |

At this year’s Luminale, every Internet user can become the lighting designer the project is called interactive light and is a collaboration between doitsmart.eventmanagement, Steinigke Showtechnic GmbH and the Kameha Suite GmbH. visitors to the Web site luminale, you can even determine what colours the Kameha suite at the Luminale in Frankfurt to shine from […]

Land Code

19 April, 2018 (05:18) | News |

28). This value feature of the relationship of allocation of land is their public and legal character. In a broad sense, the concept of "providing land "is used to characterize the relations on the order of land by any copyright holders regardless of their property (for example, Section 2, Art. 22 – land can be […]

Northern Hemisphere

17 April, 2018 (23:56) | News |

Oasis agriculture, which includes the Peak District, Snowdonia and the many other national parks and nature reserves, is a picturesque white crowfoot, and requires a certificate of rabies vaccination and an analysis of rabies after 120 days and 30 days prior to departure. Dinaric Alps, despite external influences, beginning the cycle of machines around the […]