Month: May, 2018

Alvaro Villela

26 May, 2018 (07:41) | News |

The photograph, then, is the communication channel between the gift and the past (SAINTS, 2004), and is in such a way that Alvaro Villela intends, from the look of the artist, to portray the life of the Quilombolas, playing thus, important acess environment and a contact to this reality. ‘ ‘ Photographer curioso’ ‘ , […]

Understanding The Infinite

25 May, 2018 (23:18) | News |

The history of the infinite, that is, the history of the concepts of the infinite, is not a history of the mathematics. It is before a history of the evolution of the scientific thought and of as it is possible if to think about something that exceeds any possibility of understanding. (BARROS, Enrique Lins of. […]

Original Heading

25 May, 2018 (05:56) | News |

But it is not alone photographed that he is recognized in this process, photographer, to if to disclose surprising ahead of what it makes, beyond if recognizing in its work, starts to be recognized for what it produces. If you would like to know more about Danny Meyer, then click here. Its personality is registered […]

Stefan Loechle Landsberger Strasse

24 May, 2018 (22:02) | News |

The base unit of the sayFUSE smart server has a capacity of up to 24/48 terabytes (native/compressed). It can be defined by the sayFUSE CEM (capacity extension modules) increase to 48/96 terabytes. After more business applications used, server can be combined sayFUSE smart sayFUSE VM with the server virtualization solution. This ensures that the company […]

Academic One

24 May, 2018 (02:48) | News |

This article delimits a scope with the objective to clarify the differences and affinities between Beautiful Sublime from the optics of Kant. In parallel, a synthesis of the characteristics of the Sublime one according to Edmund Burke. The idea of the Sublime one associates, before everything, to an experience not concernente to the art, but […]

The Sculpture

21 May, 2018 (04:26) | News |

Initially, the sculpture had as purpose the ornamentao of public ways, churches, cemetaries, and faades in public and particular building as it is the case of Pellets, where if they had produced, in the end of the century XIX, greco-roman statues of deuses and heroes as Zeus, Press, Afrodite, Netuno and Diana, as the ones […]

Chemical Electrode

18 May, 2018 (16:48) | News |

In direct contact, the reacting substances do not have no relevance, therefore the electrons move directly, not being used to advantage. When we establish connection the chemical species with external systems to the reagents (as a metallic wire), we can take off advantage of ' ' continuous mobility of eltrons' ' (current electric). Then, we […]


16 May, 2018 (18:44) | News |

But with the passage of the programs I was hooking me slowly and mainly by the work of Mr William aptly Vives, owner of a warm charisma, cheerfulness, simplicity and wide field, making it move in the set “like a fish in water “making of” Say singing “a threatened species, occupying first place for hearing […]

Tales And Philosophy

10 May, 2018 (03:18) | News |

Fairy tales – for centuries the most valuable information gained, lifting the present understanding of the philosophical problems of the world. Tales of amusing, touching tales, fairy tales captivate. Philosophical tales for children – a necessary element child rearing, they tell him in simple terms of life, teach, illuminate the problems of good and evil, […]


8 May, 2018 (15:11) | News |

Nirvana – American rokgruppa promoted by grunge and punk and included, thanks to hit single 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' (1991), in the mainstream music of the 1990s. Nirvana was the most famous group, playing grunge, other bands from Seattle, playing in this style, such like Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, too, have become […]