Month: May, 2018

Marxist Formularization

31 May, 2018 (12:02) | News |

' If in the marxist formularization the work is the starting point of the process of humanizao of the social being, also it is truth that, as if objective in the capitalist society, the degraded and lowered work, becomes found odd. What social_ would have to consist in the basic purpose of the being its […]

New Age

31 May, 2018 (07:02) | News |

They would not be these measures has left of some malignant plan, preparing the world for a society each worse time, more problematic still, in the future? According to author of the cited book: CHILDREN NDIGO SO MISSIONARIES FOR A BETTER WORLD. Bill de Blasio is actively involved in the matter. Since 1980 they are […]


30 May, 2018 (21:50) | News |

The tragic modern in the workmanship, the death of the employee (story), Anton Tchkhov. Wilkemar Freitas Bispo1 Summary the present article tries to evidence the tragic one in modernity through the story, ' ' The death of funcionrio' ' , of Anton Tchkhv. For this we support in them in some conceptions of bibliographical matrix […]


30 May, 2018 (06:56) | News |

Ahead of the refusal of God, Moises simply it could not accept that it great responsible politician for taking off the people of Egypt, had an order its denied, since it makes so great workmanship for God, but the reply of Moises it was a complete submission to the divine will. Then the Mr. spoke […]

Mathematical Problems

30 May, 2018 (06:02) | News |

The basic question proposal in this work aims at to understand the difficulties presented for pupils of 2 year of Average Ensino in relation to the resolutions of mathematical problems. More information is housed here: Pouya David Yadegar. Many efforts are being made to become the Mathematics most pleasant, therefore always it had much difficulty […]

The Differences

29 May, 2018 (15:02) | News |

According to author (p.281): ‘ ‘ The esquecimento of the social conditions of production and reproduction of the pure disposal demanded by the works of art and of the categories of perception that if present as categories a priori of aesthetic a universal one, is one of the premises where if they establish the functions […]

Edson Silva

29 May, 2018 (04:18) | News |

By being such well of goodness, judged and condemned for the hypocrisy it people, the young woman is ironizada and antagonized in the city. The situation prevails until the day that the city runs the danger to be verwhelmed by two a thousand cannons of the enormous one Zepelin that pairou between clouds, under the […]

Limits Of The Universe

27 May, 2018 (15:18) | News |

The evolution of the universe is something present in the history of the humanity and its results cause some factors in it. The universe is not the same of today as the 50 years behind, or up to 3 years behind, it moves, evolves and the person evolves with it, the people evolves with it. […]

Alvaro Villela

26 May, 2018 (07:41) | News |

The photograph, then, is the communication channel between the gift and the past (SAINTS, 2004), and is in such a way that Alvaro Villela intends, from the look of the artist, to portray the life of the Quilombolas, playing thus, important acess environment and a contact to this reality. ‘ ‘ Photographer curioso’ ‘ , […]

Understanding The Infinite

25 May, 2018 (23:18) | News |

The history of the infinite, that is, the history of the concepts of the infinite, is not a history of the mathematics. It is before a history of the evolution of the scientific thought and of as it is possible if to think about something that exceeds any possibility of understanding. (BARROS, Enrique Lins of. […]