Month: November, 2018

Precision Without Position Sensor

30 November, 2018 (21:41) | News |

Piezokristalliner phase slider with Picoactuator technology in the laser measurement technology used for adjusting optical path lengths phase shifter. This move optics in terms of wavelength, so in a range below one micrometer. Essential is that the adjustment will be fast and stable. For the new phase shifter S-303.BL replaced physics instruments (PI) classic Piezoelectric […]

Electronics Documentation

30 November, 2018 (18:26) | News |

The provider of XML-based content management systems shows solutions for the technical documentation of Nuremberg at the DMS EXPO. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out amazing restaurateur. The SCHEMA GmbH is represented in this year’s DMS EXPO. The provider of XML based editorial and content management solutions presented in Hall 7, stand D […]

New Diabetes Drug

29 November, 2018 (15:26) | News |

Exenatide once weekly now type 2 diabetes approved for people with type 2 diabetes is available from September 1st 2011 a new treatment option available: Exenatide once weekly (product name Bydureon ). It is the first and only antidiabetic, which is administered only once in a week. Thanks to an innovative technology, which includes the […]

From Stone Age Man To The Leader

29 November, 2018 (06:33) | News |

What has to do the leader with the stone age? In the footsteps of nutrition history I take today you Vitalligent, reaches far into the past, to make the current culture and the behavior that created understandable. The function of nutrition is the basis for the further development of our species. Constantly changed the eating […]


28 November, 2018 (13:56) | News |

Mobile Internet is available now more and more without a phone contract. Who would like to explore mobile Internet, should enquire about rates at the provider the corresponding UMTS. Meanwhile, any mobile service provider in Germany has a suitable UMTS fare on offer. The offers of the respective providers can be divided into three categories […]

Cheap Mobile Contracts

26 November, 2018 (21:18) | News |

Flat rates are nowadays simply indispensable for frequent callers. Flat rate is not equal to unlimited. This principle also applies to mobile phones or the corresponding contracts. During some flat rates all mobile services such as phone calls, texting and surfing on the Internet include, others flat rates are limited to the German fixed network […]


26 November, 2018 (11:26) | News |

It’s the most serious case of ineffectiveness of the contract, for this reason is called absolute or full invalidity. Null contracts do not exist for the ordering, i.e. not are recognized as having no effect. Grounds for invalidity are causes of nullity of the contract as follows: the lack or absence of any of the […]


24 November, 2018 (15:41) | News |

The option of act of contract of guarantees exists adds, that the insuring one will be inclusas in the prize (value to be paid of vehicles), having at great length to consist the additional one in the insurance policy, for example: Damages in accessories (Compact disc players, television sets, DVD, amongst others); Damages in shield; […]

Contracting Authority

21 November, 2018 (04:43) | News |

This approach is recommended themselves especially when it is not the contracting authority to a celebrity or public figure, easy to avoid attention. Of course the covert and the open PS be combined in most cases where it is politicians, actor, or musician, to ensure maximum security. The exact procedure this is set in the […]

UMTS Flatrate

20 November, 2018 (23:26) | News |

Mobile Internet use contract free and unattached. In recent years, the mobile providers have released several tariffs for mobile Internet. Mobile Internet is still considered expensive is known in most minds of citizens. But this image changed completely. There is now a flat rate mobile Internet for under 20 euros to have. The mobile providers […]