Month: December, 2018


11 December, 2018 (10:48) | News |

In the minds of many analyzer is strongly associated with the definition of exhaust gases from automobiles. This is indeed the case. Monitoring toxicity – one of the main functions of the gas analyzer, but not the only one. Gas analyzer capable of resolving a wide range of tasks to the Exploration of the engine […]

The Busiest People Have Time

11 December, 2018 (10:18) | News |

If you prefer to be more technical or less philosopher / or replace the word a suenosa for a metasa . But always follow towards the fulfillment of their plans, straight as an arrow, because what a dream becomes impossible is the inertia of the person who dreams. Humans can not stop dreaming. The dream […]

Russian Generator

11 December, 2018 (07:26) | News |

Steam generator for a bath – it's the same device that allows you to create the illusion in modern conditions a traditional hammam, Russian banya or Finnish sauna. Steam generator for steam baths fills the room needed density and maintains its desired temperature. It connects to the water and picking up the tank a certain […]

Fight Against Sewerage Clogs

10 December, 2018 (02:11) | News |

Sewer pipes are known tend to become blocked, particularly if they operate properly, or too active. And although it happens infrequently, however, faced with this problem you may have some difficulties. Sometimes you find that the only solution to this problem would be to replace the outlet which is blocked. In another case, if the […]

Okikurumi Minamoto Yoshitsune

8 December, 2018 (14:11) | News |

Late Japanese tradition identifies the Japanese commander Okikurumi Minamoto Yoshitsune (1159-89). On this basis, we can assume that the myths about it have arisen during the period greatest contact with the Japanese Ainu. Most of the other deities mentioned only in myth. On them are known only to the names (describing their function, which is […]

Sergei Liadov

5 December, 2018 (16:48) | News |

"By supporting structures high-rise buildings increased demands for fire resistance, – says Sergei Liadov, spokesman for the company's "City-XXI Century". – In particular, for buildings with more than 100 m limit fire load-bearing structures set at 4 o'clock. " For the same reasons of fire safety for the facades can not be used plaster multilayer […]

Common Soil

4 December, 2018 (21:33) | News |

But in addition many bacteria are able to modify hazardous chemicals, transforming them into other less toxic. Thus, some bacteria can reduce the bioavailability (make it less accessible and therefore less toxic) heavy metals such as mercury, arsenic, chromium, cadmium, zinc or copper. Likewise, the isolated microorganisms in soils are peroxidases and oxygenases activities that […]

Nero Information

4 December, 2018 (17:57) | News |

4. CDs – that is very media. The disks can be written with any information – documents, pictures, music, movies. Today, empty disks can be found on sale in any stores – from computer compartment to a simple store. Discs are different: – CD-Recordable or CD-R (recordable CDs) – on this disc you can record […]

Saint Chapelle

4 December, 2018 (01:18) | News |

Drawing their bindings, balanced and abstract, consisting of geometric shapes and curved lines emanating from the center-outlet. These creations of medieval artisans beauty close to the works of jewelry art. Stained glass windows of Notre Dame Gothic stained glass windows were made across Europe. Fine examples of works of this era have been preserved in […]

The So

3 December, 2018 (21:02) | News |

Came at the same time also the first electric tattoo and permanent make up machines on the market. These were, however with regard to their technical precision still in its infancy”. New York Museums takes a slightly different approach. For this reason carried out tattoos were / permanent make-up at that time extremely painful, bloody […]