Month: January, 2019

German Radio Award

21 January, 2019 (02:35) | News |

Dattelner event experts realize magic projections. German radio award at this year’s 2012 in the Hamburg shed 52 the Dattelner event experts from on the have rock provided with a smoke screen for a special eye-catcher. Two FogScreens of the same Finnish company, were responsible for the effect that Germany exclusive of on the rock […]

Horst Buchholz

14 January, 2019 (17:49) | News |

What actually is the intention or the approach of an artist, presents the exhibition portraits examples”. During the history of mankind, the portrait art form is mainly an approximation of an artist on a person and their personality? Linde Bishop, painter and graphic artist is participating artists. She was born in Wasungen in 1945 and […]

Ulrike Harvard

6 January, 2019 (13:12) | News |

Rather the Uschi from Herne as Ulrike from Harvard are what the career trends 2010? The Hamburg-based author (E.g. career makers book, Eichborn-Verlag) and career consultant describes Svenja Hofert seven trends: 1 dear the Uschi from Herne as Ulrike Harvard 2 courses hang behind 3. storm on the winner industries 4. newcomers instead of stars […]

The Spouse

6 January, 2019 (07:48) | News |

There is frost-bitten husbands who do not care or do not know the spouse knows about his adventures on the left. Such men I personally have always resented. But I do not understand women, allowing not only to respect but also wipe her feet. One my friend with a sort of masochistic pleasure from the […]


1 January, 2019 (13:11) | News |

The human being is a too complex structure to try to meet her in their entirety. Despite the after centuries of history of mankind, the inhabitants of planet Earth, we are still perfect strangers, both for ourselves and for the rest of our fellow species members. On many occasions we do things so rare, we […]