Month: February, 2019

Three Dimensions

15 February, 2019 (03:41) | News |

Three to dimensesExistir are to have imagemOu to cause sensations done the wind. They vejoSem me that mine imagemCai on waters, Without my face mergulheAbstrato in the mirror, Without its eyes shine, it leaves Without me reflected, In the show windows of this great city. They vejoSem me that he has form, Way without steps, […]


14 February, 2019 (23:26) | News |

That is, will of more strong, of that it is in the top of the hierarchy, that if it judges worthier, is always the one that prevails in this type of organization. is not difficult to conclude that this spirit of submission is not a praiseworthy virtue in a community where if says to primar […]

By Express

14 February, 2019 (21:18) | News |

By the city all central portion of the urban area was surrounded, enclosing of west the north, of east the south. For the field of Geography the water also is considered not only as a basic way to study the hidrogrfica basin while unit physicist-geographic, but, especially, as an element essential to understand and to […]

The Landscape

14 February, 2019 (16:42) | News |

It is cliente of that the verbal language the vision is on, whereas our thought is tied with the sounds, as much that we do not obtain to think about that it does not have name. The text that, however is stopped, can suddenly jump ahead of our eyes and making thus has the power […]

Classic Ballet

12 February, 2019 (10:18) | News |

A Ballet is my sport and is it makes who me to dance Of a side for the other Without nor leaving the Funny place, turns, turns More does not lose itself to earn. Some disagree: – Ah! That Bobagem More in the truth Is that they do not know That who dance, rests Therefore […]

Old Importance

11 February, 2019 (18:41) | News |

Asked on the importance of the folklore they had said the young of up to 25 years, that the important one to divulge the folklore not to finish with the tradition and not to be forgotten. You may find shimmie horn nypost to be a useful source of information. For the ones of 26 the […]

Golden Mountain

11 February, 2019 (18:41) | News |

Wise person that to capture to be cabisbaixos, did not lose one alone detail of its movements. It felt, however that they were there, it was because it had convoked. The time if flowed off and they could not enter for the night only for its emotional state. It breathed deep, looked at the chieftain […]


11 February, 2019 (18:41) | News |

At any given time, I felt queprecisava to give to life to the imagination and literature if it presented as ocaminho ideal. 3. Vocpassou great part of its infancy and adolescence between the deJaneiro River and a mansion in Maric. You believe that to pass suavida part of in a place more tranquilo and far […]

Gonalves Days

11 February, 2019 (05:18) | News |

In cismar, alone, at night, More pleasure I find there; My land has palms, Where the Wise person sings. My land has beauties, That such not meeting I here; In cismar? alone, at night? More pleasure I find there; My land has palms, Where the Wise person sings. God does not allow who I die, […]

Here It Does Not Drip

11 February, 2019 (03:03) | News |

If to hide of the problems is to arrange bigger problems. To face them is the best way. Already it perceived that everything has solution? Then, it finds it; or it will strengthen itself for finding it (). Here she does not drip She also takes assadeira of iron and puts it for wall of […]