Month: October, 2019

Munich Walking Around

31 October, 2019 (13:48) | News |

The Duke William IV of Bavaria enacted on April 23, 1526 the ‘purity law’, based on the brewing until the European Union abolished the opinion in 1986. Required that the producer of the drink focus its development on three ingredients: water, hops and barley malt. Thus favored the aristocratic monopoly on trade was barley and […]

The Traditional Russian Bath

24 October, 2019 (07:33) | News |

Every nation has its own traditions, which eventually acquire a special significance. Become an integral part, and even a symbol of national culture. For example: people in Thailand – a massage. When word of Thailand, the Most people in my head there is an expression – Thai massage. One of these symbols of national culture […]

Skin Rejuvenation

3 October, 2019 (08:41) | News |

Most modern women have a lot to say and willingly about the shortcomings of their appearance and how it looks better. However, as you know, it's better to do than talk, so winning the women who talk of move to take decisive action to improve the appearance. That can combine a variety of women regardless […]