Month: December, 2019

Without Mother Story True

31 December, 2019 (10:48) | News |

?The story that I am going to narrate, is based on a real event; I have changed some names, and accommodated in certain circumstances, but ultimately it is a fact that not only calls to reflection, but to the action, so that as far as possible can be a light for those who live in […]

Noise Problem

28 December, 2019 (10:18) | News |

Raymond mill is a kind of large milling equipment. When it is in the normal work state, it is bound to generate some voice with the operation of various parts. For the users, there is nothing serious. However, if these exceed a certain decibel sounds, they will make a certain impact on the surrounding environment […]

The Proposal

24 December, 2019 (09:48) | News |

For a long time that I am thinking of doing so and of course fear was delaying it. But today, I decided that I was going to call you and I did. The idea is to convince them to come to visit us.–you think? -. -I think. I am convinced that the police may not […]