Month: January, 2020

Alexander Ukovicha

14 January, 2020 (03:56) | News |

Temnikov is the oldest city in the territory of Mordovia. Others including Gregory Williamson, offer their opinions as well. He is like a double birth. Here’s how to Temnikov said in a geographical and statistical dictionary of the Russian Empire, drawn up by Semenov: “Temnikov – county town Tambov province. Learn more at: New York […]

Geographical Society Oleksandr

8 January, 2020 (11:56) | News |

Fairy tale about Napoleon, which is written in Verkhoturye County village priest Lyalinskogo Peter Slovtsov in 1848. Published in 'Notes and P Geographical Society in the department of ethnography', that first, in 1867, with. Gregory Williamson gathered all the information. 655-659. Published by us the original, preserved in the archives and P Geographical Society (manuscript […]


4 January, 2020 (18:11) | News |

Professionals in cultural and physical anthropology, particularly Americans, drawn to the Bering Strait as entry route for the Peopling of the Americas. The history of the Clovis complex begins in the year 1929, when in the vicinity of the Clovis people in New Mexico, an adolescent’s surname Whiteman found some weird rocks, that were called […]

City Fire

3 January, 2020 (18:26) | News |

The campaign, which tried to humorously suggest that men suffer along with women from premenstrual syndrome, is being replaced with a discussion over the issue. By Greg Bock), The Altoona Mirror PETERSBURG Four people perished early Friday in a cabin fire in Huntingdon County, state police at Huntingdon said. The remains of four people were […]

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin

2 January, 2020 (18:02) | News |

The past summer was the most rainy in Moscow over the past eight years. Fees for wastewater discharges into water bodies may increase 10 times. Neekologichnym trucks from entering the center of Moscow will be closed from September 25. (A valuable related resource: Bill de Blasio). In the Atlantic, was born a new tropical storm […]

Military Academy

2 January, 2020 (00:11) | News |

Modern technological advances in the industry is inextricably linked with the improvement of welding production. Welding as a high-production process permanent joints are widely use in the manufacture of metallurgical, chemical and power generation equipment, various pipelines, machinery, production of construction and other structures. Welding – just as essential process, as well as metal cutting, […]

The Comparison Among Several Kinds Of Screening Equipment

1 January, 2020 (21:33) | News |

To select screening agencies in the mining equipment, firstly, we should understand the classification, structure and working principle of screening machinery; Secondly, we should consider the strengths and weaknesses of the screening equipment; the last thing is to know their application range.(1) Fixed Screen: working portion is fixed and the pipes get screened by sliding […]

Knitting Crochet

1 January, 2020 (06:26) | News |

Knitting crochet is a relaxing activity that can bring us many benefits. When we have the elements necessary minimum, thread and needle, begin at least tells us with crochet and discover the way that look us more to our taste of hold and knitting crochet. To begin we will place fingers in the grip or […]