Month: January, 2020

A Necessary Change

23 January, 2020 (03:48) | News |

The global energy model is changing gradually. Renewable energies are becoming stronger. Research and development of new wind turbines has promoted more efficient wind power as an effective alternative to fossil fuels. However solar energy is not having a spectacular development. They have driven the large wind farms but at the household level does not […]

Internet Job

22 January, 2020 (22:33) | News |

2. Plan your job search in order to take full advantage of the time and process, is recommended to draw up an action plan with a list of the most important activities in the day, as for example search for different pages to look for work and read several newspapers among other activities. Job search […]

Geographical Society Oleksandr

8 January, 2020 (11:56) | News |

Fairy tale about Napoleon, which is written in Verkhoturye County village priest Lyalinskogo Peter Slovtsov in 1848. Published in 'Notes and P Geographical Society in the department of ethnography', that first, in 1867, with. 655-659. Published by us the original, preserved in the archives and P Geographical Society (manuscript XXIX, 22) in the 'Notes' Geographical […]

Military Academy

2 January, 2020 (00:11) | News |

Modern technological advances in the industry is inextricably linked with the improvement of welding production. Welding as a high-production process permanent joints are widely use in the manufacture of metallurgical, chemical and power generation equipment, various pipelines, machinery, production of construction and other structures. Welding – just as essential process, as well as metal cutting, […]

The Comparison Among Several Kinds Of Screening Equipment

1 January, 2020 (21:33) | News |

To select screening agencies in the mining equipment, firstly, we should understand the classification, structure and working principle of screening machinery; Secondly, we should consider the strengths and weaknesses of the screening equipment; the last thing is to know their application range.(1) Fixed Screen: working portion is fixed and the pipes get screened by sliding […]