Month: January, 2020

Military Academy

2 January, 2020 (00:11) | News |

Modern technological advances in the industry is inextricably linked with the improvement of welding production. Welding as a high-production process permanent joints are widely use in the manufacture of metallurgical, chemical and power generation equipment, various pipelines, machinery, production of construction and other structures. Welding – just as essential process, as well as metal cutting, […]

The Comparison Among Several Kinds Of Screening Equipment

1 January, 2020 (21:33) | News |

To select screening agencies in the mining equipment, firstly, we should understand the classification, structure and working principle of screening machinery; Secondly, we should consider the strengths and weaknesses of the screening equipment; the last thing is to know their application range.(1) Fixed Screen: working portion is fixed and the pipes get screened by sliding […]