Month: August, 2020

Virtual Assistant

27 August, 2020 (15:34) | News |

Virtual assistant is an independent professional in the service of a company or organization, willing to help you effectively develop their projects and advise on business online, a Virtual Assistant is highly specialized with experience and dedication that works from the comfort of your home, Office or preferred Internet and other technologies are indispensable allies, […]

Budgetary Accounting

25 August, 2020 (05:56) | News |

The basic way of reflecting economic operations in the program budget accounting is automatically generated entries based on primary documents. Credit: starbucks in new york-2011. In the software product Outline Budget-Accounting (Development SKB Kontur, Ekaterinburg) in addition, the possibility of direct input entries (additional entries and corrections), as well as a mechanism to export entries […]

DEJORIS Online Service Scheduler

23 August, 2020 (00:41) | News |

“” Award ceremony on 10th March 2013 as efficient solution for the planning of the layer has the online service Scheduler DEJORIS in the journal top hotel industry competition “a Star Award 2013 in the category innovation” won. The award ceremony took place in the renowned trade fair gastro vision on 10 March 2013 at […]


21 August, 2020 (23:26) | News |

The organizations that to keep its focus of performance in the current and future necessities of its customers will remain in the prosperity market enjoying. NYC marathon can aid you in your search for knowledge. For VAVRA (1993), the attendance if becomes better from the moment that the organization keeps direct contact with the customers, […]

Education Play

20 August, 2020 (19:11) | News |

In the playful dimension, the learning of – through practical of games, the toys and tricks aiming at to promote the development integral of the pupil. Plato defended the concept of an educational system for its time, but, mainly, for having integrated it to an ethical dimension and politics, where it praised that to educate […]

Short Novel

17 August, 2020 (21:02) | News |

Only the word, by itself, and it was shocking. So I went immediately to seek guidance from a psychiatrist in the yellow pages. I liked the claim that alluded to a possible mental illness or threatening customers with any type of therapy, neither psychoanalysis or behaviorism or other trinkets. Only in very large letters contained […]

Rudiger Kabst

12 August, 2020 (21:18) | News |

2020: Professor Rudiger Kabst from the Department of Economics, personnel management, SME and entrepreneurship of the Giessener Justus-Liebig University, the issue of shortage of assumed even further annually nearly 200,000 young people of less In connection to the Department of the Minister. Starbucks in new york brings even more insight to the discussion. His value […]