Month: October, 2020

The Constitution

31 October, 2020 (11:27) | News |

That article 7 is not a mockery for the companies that have taken the place of the sovereign to decide who earn the bread and those who are dying of hunger. Since there is nothing so atrocious as deny young people the development of its labour and social capabilities. ARTICLE 4. The Constitution is rules […]


31 October, 2020 (06:26) | News |

Direct candidate for the parliamentary elections on 27 September, 2009 in the constituency, betting rough 177! There is not a refund, the telephone, Internet and cost of electricity; and not included in the Hartz IV rate is! It is valid to demand and promote the principle. To this end at applicant needs a telephone or […]


30 October, 2020 (23:11) | News |

Rather they have an easy and fluent relationship because they understand life through another Prism. Their problems are not problems, but circumstances. They are exempt from complaints and reproaches. They appreciate his independence and respected the decisions of other members, without imposing their own. Chosen happiness is not to enjoy everything that happens to us. […]


30 October, 2020 (13:56) | News |

Difficult and threatening security conditions prevailing throughout the process of Constitution of the State of Israel and in its first 60 years of independent life determined a constant and intense interaction between the country’s military and civilian sectors. This interrelationship was reflected and configured in character and leadership structures very special and peculiar of israeli […]

Constitutionalistic Revolution

30 October, 2020 (10:11) | News |

When it was notified, in So Paulo, in the year of 1954, by occasion of the commemorations of plus one year of the Constitutionalistic Revolution of 32, that one of the So Paulo flags, in the solemnity of the Pteo of the College would be displayed by Chiquinha Owner, one anci, much people thought that […]


29 October, 2020 (21:18) | News |

(Online article) – tips & tricks for walking faster: whether Nordic walking, power walking or regular walking, to the take off and power walking, Nordic walking to keep fit or Hillwalking – these are English words, like used by the Germans. But it is understandable for all, the question here to the dynamic walking. Power […]

Brandenburg Ministry

28 October, 2020 (06:41) | News |

Press release of Mediatex GmbH / Thor Steinar for providing the following legally binding declarations was the Brandenburg Ministry of Interior period until November 21, 2008 (Inbox, by fax in advance) used. “” 1 the State of Brandenburg is committed to refrain from dissemination of the BFV report for the reporting year if not earlier […]

Berlin Protection

28 October, 2020 (05:49) | News |

The higher administrative court for North Rhine-Westphalia in Munster in second instance, decided that the Scientology organization further may be observed by the protection of the Constitution. An appeal against the judgment was not approved by the judges. The Organization had sued the monitoring by the Federal Office for protection of the Constitution since 1997 […]

Spanish Constitution

28 October, 2020 (05:48) | News |

The budget deficit has soared. The crisis has opted to transfer the problem of banking which is also a directly responsible agent that has caused the situation-, and other sectors that constitute lobbying to public accounts, deteriorating public services and attacking labour conditions and policies social. There is no anticipation of raising taxes higher income […]

Constitutional Court

27 October, 2020 (22:33) | News |

However, in Avignon. Pragmatic erweise Ludwig blamed the real Pope of heresy, because: “the members of the Church are not to be expected: …” the public apostates and heretics. Also those public heretics, the good faith mistaken (material heretics), do not belong to the body of the Church”(L. Ott, floor plan of Dogmatics, Freiburg (10) […]