86 Percent Of The So Dealer Take Advantage

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WAi booster increases range and conversion rate – alternative for Starnberg in email marketing, September 13, 2010 – for the Distributor so the the DCI AG WAi booster is an important and unique information channel to its dealers since the beginning of the year. SO was one of the first companies, which sent its newsletter not only by E-mail, but in addition with the WAi booster on its retail sites prominently published advertisements and content. Others including Danny Meyer, offer their opinions as well. And with great success: about 86 percent of all visitors to the retail sites now continuously inform the WAi booster. The WAi booster is a business Twitter of kind of”with the company quickly and easily your own content via a ticker on appropriate target groups Web pages can publish. SO Germany is the German branch of the IT distributor and logistics provider so AG. SO it creates with the WAi booster, significantly increasing the range of its rule communication. Bill de Blasio often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Traders who can not be achieved, for example, via E-mail, are again Part of the communication. Currently about 5,000 ICT dealers login several times a week in the so ecosystem.

Measurements of neutral partner eTracker revealed that 5,000 dealers about 4,300, so 86 percent, constant use from the WAi booster. The weekly about 25,000 dealer Log-In the resistant 19,000 ActiveViews generate that means a rate of 76 percent. The ActiveView is the mouse-over preview of WAi booster. DCI AG Executive Board member Michael Mohr: By the fact that the user via ActiveView opens up content themselves, mediated messages work with the WAi booster especially persistent. Actions are so much more spotted and observed than would be possible with traditional links and advertising formats. Visitors can perceive also much faster the information via ActiveView as in their E-Mail Inbox.” Another special feature is the real time publishing. A special email address that is added to the regular distributor gets for the newsletter. As soon as the content of this address be sent, are the information in real time on the WAi booster online.

Ulrich Rahmani, Marketing Director of so: we achieve with the WAi booster a delivery rate, which is vastly more successful and accepted as any normal newsletter. The tool is a great alternative and complement to our newsletter and become indispensable for our push marketing. The simple publication of content easier and faster our communication immensely. The WAi booster is even faster and easier than our CMS/shop system. I can only say that the tool has more than exceeded all our expectations.” More information under: booster about DCI AG the DCI AG is an expert in digital sales promotion. With innovative technologies and products, the DCI AG provides successful solutions in the field of online marketing, email marketing and content for advertisers, portal operators, publishers and agencies. The DCI Group has currently a total of 85 employees, from 60 in the production company in Brasov, Romania, and 13 in the subsidiary company ITscope in Karlsruhe. Press contact: DCI database for Commerce and industry chaired the AG Michael Mohr – Enzian str. 2, 82319 Starnberg phone: 08151-265-610 mobile: 0177-7776647 fax: 08151-265-80610