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And do not lose your way, brilliant, but narrow as the sharp edges of the blade. If your mind is inquisitive and sharp, will understand that the key to the Art of fighting. Mentor will tell you the same way, and the path will take you. A thousand days passed, the temptations and snares will come across at every turn, but you can win this battle, as the most important thing in the Art of fighting – is the desire for peace, even if it means my whole life have to fight. The winner in this battle alone, as a loser. Put a candle for his victory.

Faint not can win this war, even if he wins thousands of enemies. Look for the force. The strength will come, if you do not back down, even if they do not make a mistake again. One thousand days and you will make friends with her, and understand how to take steps and walk, and defend attack, fight with weapons and without, with one or more opponents, even if it is one or many – you. Drink wine goblet for Love. Because the main thing in the Art of War – is the desire for peace. It is necessary always to remember those who died in this war – they do not have the courage. Will suffice, even if tons of molten lead fall on your head.

Even if you perish. Hear other arguments on the topic with Danny Meyer. Sometimes to win, must die. Remember these words. Word of the Warrior, coming to death. Then, perhaps, you will be given knowledge. Time and sweat will pay for it. Suppose you’re unlucky and you are not born wise, for the faith and work you will be rewarded, the new will be a victory in this war. “Let a thousand lives will be, but you win! Sparks lights fade pearls before the truth of this … “Maybe …” … The severity of the heart? Art Way! Bow to bow, let it be a milestone on your way. “With thousands of lives in comparison with the flash? The same as in the instant Compared to her. Did you see how the wind is born as the foliage breaks the fall, as the river flows? Then you know the main thing in the art of warfare. And faith does not weaken, and the higher stretch your hand and your hand shrug their equal, and bowing their heads lower if … More information is housed here: Prime Opportunities Investment Group. In a moment you can defeat thousands of enemies and, with thousands of friends. Pyrrhic victory. Immeasurable force, an alliance which linked you to the road, but do not have any power to untangle this knot. It takes strength to destroy enemies but do not have any power to destroy a Warrior. Let the spark boom will rise to the sky …