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The option of act of contract of guarantees exists adds, that the insuring one will be inclusas in the prize (value to be paid of vehicles), having at great length to consist the additional one in the insurance policy, for example: Damages in accessories (Compact disc players, television sets, DVD, amongst others); Damages in shield; carrocerias; pain and suffering of third, according to judicial sentence; extension of perimeter for the South-american countries, amongst others. Swarmed by offers, NY Museums is currently assessing future choices. In the accident occurrence, the first procedure to be taken and to contact the police station of polices next and to request that occurrence bulletin is made (BO). As the step is to enter in contact with the insuring one to inform it of the occurrence, having after, to be filled the Acknowledgment of Accident and to join the documentation required contractually for the safe from o car. It will have the exemption of the surmounting in cases of integral indemnity of the vehicle, damages for fire, explosion and ray. The SUSEP did not define a form specifies of elaboration of it calculates of the prize, existing some forms of which the insuring one has total freedom to choose amongst the available ones. The indemnity integral, also known as total loss, is characterized when the damages of the vehicle are superior to a contracted minimum percentage, generally 70% of the total value of the automobile. In this in case that insuring paid the total value, is with the vehicle and assumes its you damage.

To evaluate the risk, the insuring ones disponibilizam a questionnaire of evaluation of risk to the insured who after fulfilling and analyzes, will define the profile of the user of the insurance. These forms are base for the formation of the prize of the automotivo insurance, being able to be cheap or more expensive. If in case that the insured to answer of inadequate form to manipulate a possible discounting or to omit given, this can lose the right to the guarantee and still to be obliged to the payment of the prize.