Advertising With Simplicity

2016-06-11 - 10:49 | News | Tags: |

Currently, an advertisement must be magical, emotional, exciting, entertaining, challenging, intriguing, creative and above all immediately. Today we have to point to the sensitive side of people and that purchasing decisions are more tied to the emotional side of mental and rational. Today we have to point to the simple, the people have an attention deficit and lose interest very quickly. yComo get my company has that simple when talking with clients? Simple, "simplify" is a pun, but it is just that, look for the verb, the adjective, that it quickly identifies the market, with customers in the mouth. The term or word of course must be original, do not fall into the "fashion", they expire. Find a detail that was overlooked and use it, leaving the trend, stop stereotyping your products, your company, Know it and find that they will identify about everything and immediately.

Now let's talk about advertising and its simplicity. People are bombarded with information and that disturbed. Simplifique!, delete all those details that distract, all such data and information unnecessary. A product is not what it is, if not what the customer perceives it is. So, know your customers, analyze what they see while watching your company, your brand, your service.

Surprise them, while the simplicity, is a bit ambiguous and put into test to their customers, they love it. Modern man enjoys thinking, guessing, to participate, to belong to something special, sharing their intelligence with others. Today people buy their products "that will" not because you "have the latest technology, people acquire their services because" it is important to them, "that they want for their lives." Again, we know our audience, we know that in general the man is concentrated in his person, in their well-being, weight, physical condition, its status, its … its … its … If we give them a benefit that magnify some of those characteristics that make an important individual, healthy, intelligent, sophisticated … our business we have assembled. We know we have to say to reach our customers and make them feel "cool", "cool", "cool" and now … yComo we do? Use humor, take a second to his client of the reality that haunts him and give him a break. The humor makes you more likely your ad will be retained and makes your brand more human. A more humane brand can serve as a bridge between product and consumer. Break the patterns, the people are involved in a reality of eternal youth, adolescent whims and revelation against taboos and stereotypes. Use irony, is complicated, we have you mainly use it carefully and to reach an audience on time, not excessive. That is, use a media that does not come easily to "all", rather almost direct to the potential customer. Do not think that being creative is to be original, do not think that impact is to sell, anus! Attention … is not selling, and advertising should sell. It must be very careful and thorough. When advertising is done brilliantly, for example in public, will be remembered forever and for many people, but if done badly it becomes a public grievance. To read about how to properly use the images in advertisements read: Guadalupe Cano Leon Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs & n bsp;.