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In the banking organizations and real estate auctions, it is possible to find immovable, that although differences in price are not so significant, can be found out by the daciones in payment, that can be to prices a little lower than those of the market. Before buying his building, it tries to know the sector, his neighbors, the location, engages in a dialog with those who work in the commercial premises and asks for sale for buildings, this him it will allow to know the price similar buildings in the zone, and thus to determine if it is going to pay the price just. Advice Unless this deciding by a house, and in addition, has reference of the salesman, avoid to give their personal information. He provides always his cellular number, or telephone of his office, he never gives data as the telephone of his present residence, or its direction. Delinquents becoming to happen through salesmen, can see in you the perfect victim, since they know that she has money to this transaction. It watches several options before making the final decision, always compares the house that has seen, contemplates to the advantages and disadvantages of the building and the sector. I evaluated prices, aerial, services and other details along with its family. When the moment arrives for negotiating, it tries to lower a little the price.

It considers that generally the proprietors ask between 20 and 30 percent more of the real price. By this most prudent it is to offer and to hope that the salesman makes a counter-offer, although is not then necessarily. He remembers that you are the client, and the salesman must adapt to his requirements, tmese his time, does not fall in eagerness, nor in pressures on the part of the salesmen, remembers that the purchase of house is for many the important decision the more of the life. Original author and source of the article..