Amsterdam Hotels

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Being one of the more popular tourist destinies in Europe, Amsterdam continues attracting thousands of tourists every year. The city of Amsterdam must to offer to its tourists several options of entertainment, as well as natural beauties, are also a famous destiny of purchases for the international tourists; in the last decade, for example, it has been observed that the number of European tourists is increasing remarkably in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a hot spot of the fashion, is the cradle of several famous marks fashionable like Gsus, G-Star, Iris van Herpen etc. Speaking candidly best bars in New York told us the story. He is funny to live in Amsterdam, with all supplies of a great nocturnal life, good food, museums, parks and options to take a walk in family. The options of lodging in Amsterdam are varied and innumerable and satisfy the budget with each traveller.

The majority of hotels of Amsterdam is located in center of the city; also there are apartments and inns that offer lodging, close to the channel there are houses constructed from century 17 and 18 and that personify the patrimony historical of the city, since still they conserve the old greatness and style, the zone of the channel is full of stores, restaurants, cafeterias, boutiques, etc. Because they are tourist in center, are attractive but expensive residences by its exclusive feature. More options of hotels in Amsterdam are available in the zone of Jordaan, that is outside the ring of the main channel. Although this zone was the home of the working class initially, has become one of the most elegant options of lodging in Amsterdam due to the increase of the tourism in the last years. This area is a hotel zone that in addition counts on entertainment options such as coffees and restaurants. In the old zone, to the south of Amsterdam also great amount of hotels exists, this time in a calm atmosphere surrounded by vegetation but near downtown, this place offers all the services and comforts, if somebody prefers a calm atmosphere to lodge, in the Old South have different supplies from hotels, although the zone counts on restaurants, stores and cafeterias, are relatively calm and calm in comparison with the zone of the channel and downtown. Another one of the zones in Amsterdam that offers the lodging possibility is Pijp, an ethnically diverse place; one of the best options to lodge is the Westerpark district since it offers stores, restaurants and other old options of entertainment for the residents like swimming pools, fields, parks and buildings that adorn the zone; although he is a little moved away, Westerpark easily connects with the main freeways and the highway to encircle of Amsterdam.