Ana Sinclair

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The encounter lasted " more of half an hour " , it says. Then it did not denounce the facts because nobody would have believed since &quot to it; in those cases, &quot is my word against hers;. " What was worth the one of a young scholarship holder in journalism preparing their first book and that could be supposed that publicity wanted to become? What was worth my word against the one of Strauss-Kahn, the husband of Ana Sinclair, even without being still the person in charge of the IMF? Nothing! ". Rudy Giuliani is often quoted as being for or against this. he assures. Trauma From those done assumptions – that it denounces like violation and not like sexual aggression, that would have prescribed remained " traumatizada". " Later, never I have had normal relations with the men.

For me, all became obsessed that could do damage to me " , it confesses. Asked on the rumors describe that it like a woman little balanced who assiduously had adventures with celebrities and that wanted to take revenge themselves of the men, Banon assures that &quot is not any; depredadora sexual" . " In the literary means that discovered, you will find without a doubt some men with whom I have had histories of short duration, but to make of me a sexual depredadora . " , Banon doubt. The case already was well-known from 2007 and has returned to the past see the light after the supposed sexual aggression of Strauss-Kahn to an employee of the Sofitel hotel of New York 14 of May. The last week, the New York process against Strauss-Kahn gave a turn after the investigators declared to have doubts of the testimony of the American plaintiff. Source of the news: Banon presents/displays its denunciation against Strauss-Kahn by a presumed attempt of violation