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Successful personnel planning and staff create competitive advantages in times of economic turbulence, which are characterized by alternating highs and lows, plays a central role in the company the personnel or the personnel planning. In entrepreneurial practice under personnel, the assignment of employees becomes available positions of a company by means of matching human capabilities and skills with the requirements at this point understood. The objective of a successful deployment of personnel should be that employees in the required quality and quantity at the relevant time in the correct location for the provision of value added available are the company. The personnel immediately following the recruitment, begins normally with the probationary period and only ends with the departure of the employee from the company. Usually the personnel is composed of three phases: staff access as a first phase, in which is one of the stages of the personal use of the Staff is trained and incorporated. The second phase includes the staff performance, which takes place after the trial period and by means of which the employees must prove its efficiency. The staff finish as the third phase of the personnel deployment is completed. Here, for example, the retirement or the personal exemption also performed termination either on the part of the employer or worker also.

In addition, the personnel can be divided also time-related. In the course of this subdivision, a differentiation is made between a qualitative and a quantitative map. The qualitative mapping focuses on the generation of matches in terms of the skills of the employees with the requirements of the post. As a result, the qualitative mapping is specifically for the use of employees in the organizational units of importance. The purpose of the quantitative mapping is to uncover the numerical need for employees with a particular qualification at any given time. The quantitative Assignment three functions be part: a compensatory function by overtime should be avoided whenever possible, a bridging function by absences of any kind should be taken into account, as well as a control function, by extra shifts and overtime should be classified.