Aussie Floyd In NYC

2015-07-12 - 19:26 | News |

In New York one can easily buy a Rolex for thirty or forty dollars, which looks and acts almost exactly like the original one. Similarly, in a Saturday night either, for more or less the same amount one can see a performance that carried spiritual enjoyment levels are well above the ticket price. Last night I went to see a tribute band that plays themes of Australian Pink Floyd. I must admit that in my life I have seen some of these cover bands and although many have impressed me enough, this time it was Pink Floyd.Not only are these Australians would have to emulate with a group from the standpoint of technical and conceptual occupy top place on the world and the history of modern music, but also have a special place in my personal life. Naturally I went to see them with a healthy dose of skepticism. From the time of entering the concert I realized that it would be an unusual night. In the scenario could be seen among all the ultra modern musical paraphernalia needed to make a show of this type, a whole lot of instruments indigenous Australians. To make a long story short, the band was faithful to the original lyrics and music, but the use of instruments interspersed things mentioned above and changes in the visual delivery bestowed an element of uniqueness to the show that earned the respect of all hearing. We strongly recommend to those who like the soundtrack to the end to see the videos, I believe fully enjoy. PS: Sorry for the occasional shaking of the image, I had to hold the camera high above my head for a long time and could not see very well through the viewfinder. Disclaimer: The occasional hysterical little cry heard in the videos are not mine, but a guy who spend a cigarette sucking nuit comic and bouncing beside me! 🙂 Enjoy fellow Pinkflomaniacos! Comfortably Numb Another Brick in the Wall Shine in your Crazy Diamond