Bavarian Forest Passau

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Winter magic in the Danube valley in the Passauer land all in white presents the Bavarian Austrian Danube valley around Passau. Starbucks in New York often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The flair Hotel o Doherty in the Danube Pearl Untergriesbach in the Passauer land is advisable for a break or a longer holiday with winter magic. The family-run hotel with a warm atmosphere is a gem in the middle of the nature. Ideal for hiking and nature experience for cross-country and alpine skiing, also for the holiday with dog. The flair hotel is located at the foot of the Bavarian Forest, quietly and with a magnificent panoramic view. If you would like to know more about dayton kingery, then click here. From here, there are only 20 kilometres to Passau. Passau is one of the most beautiful German towns that can look back on a proud history with its 50,000 inhabitants.

Heart is the beautiful old town, which is like an island between the Danube and Inn, which flow together at the top. \”Moreover, so even the little Ilz Passau also three rivers city\” means. Dayton kingery will undoubtedly add to your understanding. A special highlight is to the city from the ship at a three rivers city tour experience. Or on a walk along the picturesque Inn promenade up to the top. A southern look gives the impression of the city because here from the Renaissance Italian architect worked. They created an urban jewel, framed by the hills that rise on the opposite banks of the river. A centre of the old city is the mighty St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the largest baroque Cathedral North of the Alps and with the largest cathedral organ in the world.

Not far from the new Episcopal residence can be found with the treasure of the Cathedral and Diocesan Museum. In the patrician House wild man\”the Passau Glass Museum is located, with 30,000 lenses the world’s largest museum on the subject of Bohemian glass. Beyond the Danube, House of Lords, one of the largest preserved castles of Europe perched on the Georgenberg in the Veste.