Beijings Forbidden City

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Erkan Aki Beijing’s forbidden city for the presentation of the new VW enthusiasts Phaeton on September 19, 2010 in Beijing Erkan Aki was able to perform as the first artist ever in an area of the “forbidden city”, the “Palace of the peaceful old age” (Ningshougong). With his song “here’s to the heroes”, the European star guest formed the highlight of “Imperial Moon Gala” before 300 invited VIP and guests of honour. Erkan Aki was absolutely thrilled: it has been a great honour for me to be there as the first artist ever. The entire show was truly imperial, as the name implies, the Gala,!” Beijing is now already the next highlight: Erkan Aki with Sarah Brightmann on big Japan tour! Dates, visit the website source: Stefanie Bairlein / management & concerts Biography: his love was always music. At the age of 17, Erkan Aki first entered the Opera at the Zurich Opera House. There he saw for the first time Die Fledermaus”of Johann Strauss and when he came out, had changed his life.

Erkan Aki was taken from the radiance of this gesamtkunstwerk from sophisticated Operetta and architectural splendour. Immediately, he decided to study classical singing.?Tat’s, specializing in the subject of the song and sang a career as come opposite. He quickly found that the popular music in the classic style with his audience was particularly well received. A tremendous after German relations effort was the first album here’s to the heroes”. Star producer Nigel Wright (Barbara Streisand, Madonna, Jose Carreras) involved an 80-piece orchestra and a classic pop collection of international stature made the ambitious debut. “The album climbed the appearance at the Brandenburg Gate right off the bat in the German charts for a newcomer, as tenor in the nest of the rock-pop music stood out, highlight formed a Sensation.Ein of 31.12.1999: point five to twelve he was a one and a half million audience on the spot with his here’s to the heroes” to the new millennium a.? Erkan “Aki manages to create a trend, he with his second album pop classics ‘ impressively continues.