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Everything depends on the type of business you have, its rotation, the number of employees, if you constantly this sending prints to your customers of your presentations. Each brand of the most recognized copier is designed for x number of users. Color or black and white. If the use is internal and purely informative, contracts etc. Black and white will be sufficient, but if you need brochures or presentations of diagrams best thing would be a color copier. Currently there are copiers that have the same cost per copy both black and white prints and color.

There are also computers where you or the personnel who assign has control total of equipment can be configured from control panel that people have access to copies of color and those who not and also has access to the long distance control panel. Buy or lease my Copier. The benefits of buying your computer is that you can according to your needs you can buy the newer model or that suits you, you will have warranty. But if home you do not have the capital required to This investment either that capital prefer to allocate them to other costs of operation of the company, then you should be renting the equipment. The fact of lease your copier will bring you benefits like for example; avoid strong undercapitalization to the company, avoided costs for technical service, will also prevent the cost for consumables and replacement parts, you have the possibility to upgrade your computer, you also avoid the depreciation of your computer, lease covers all these expenses, depending on with who choose to rent your team it gives you the possibility of fixed deadlinesIt maintains liquidity and is 100% tax deductible. Just be sure to always read the small print of any lease agreement, there are added extras, so make sure that they are not paying over the odds for them! Costs of consumables and spare parts.

This point is key to know that both suits long term acquire some model and brand of Copier, take into account by saying toner is for how many impressions and as soon as it comes out, remove your accounts, this will help you to know with certainty when a copier out annual cost. Maintenance of copiers. When you go to buy a copier sure included after sales service with the purchase. See what days and hours will cover you your calls. It is also necessary to take account of the dealer in question answer you lack buy any replacement, if the Distributor is not liable for all replacement parts that his team should be required, perhaps would be best to consider any other option. Multifunctional copiers. Multifunctional copiers have a number of really useful additional functions, it is necessary to make sure that these features will really be utilized; fax, internet, usb port, printer, scanner, document encryption, remote control panel, keyboard qwerty, finisher, etc. Energy consumption. Currently taking care of this aspect will bring you benefits, both economic efficiency at the time to manage the selected computer. There is the market that Xerox they have Energy Star accreditation. By save energy by up to 30% unlike other brands, which has repercussions in your pocket in getting receipt of light. Apart will be supporting the environment. Sofia Alvarez. An expert in computer solutions of copied to Office.