Best Latin American Civil Work

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They are member of a group of keys (small islands) known like Keys the Horseshoe with but of 500 dispersed small barren islands in a crystalline and brief water area with a delimited surface of but of 1300 km2s and the north by the second coralline but great barrier of the planet. Led to be in the future near to a tourist destiny of luxury in Cuba and all the marine Caribbean by the excellence of his beaches and bottoms, their pristine waters and their wonderful natural surroundings, Keys Santa Maria and Ensenachos they also comprise of an extensive considered area Refuge of Fauna and where they inhabit numerous species of reptiles, amphibians, fish, birds and mammals (juta rat for example), many of endemic them of the zone, besides but of 245 vegetal species, which together with an intrincate system of channels between the keys, confers a to him the zone a unique value for the development of tourist programs destined to the contemplation of the nature and the nautical activity, even though the component sun, sand and sea are their main attractiveness by the magnificencia of their beaches. In recent months, NY Starbucks has been very successful. To this paradise until makes almost secret very just a short time – it is arrived through a highway constructed on a rock base deposited on the marine bottom. With a length of 48 km from the neighborhoods of the town of Caibarin to Key designed Santa Maria and 46 bridges to maintain the flow normal of waters and marine and not to bring about damages to the ecosystems marine and terrestrial fauna, this highway is a significant engineer installation (deserved the Prize Bridge of Alcntara to the Best Latin American Civil Work) and the passage through her becomes an pleasant experience for the visitor..