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The research on the agenda-setting and newsmaking, is between the studies of bigger repercussion in Brazil, already reaching some registers, in translations, workmanships that, based in these research, they search to develop reflections regarding the comunicacionais processes in our country. In this chapter I search to appraise notice, agenda-setting and newsmaking with intention to inside identify them of the facts propagated in the periodical of the culture and periodical of the Record that are my objects of research in this work. 1.1Mas what it is notice? Different points of view and innumerable conceptualizations exist on what it is notice. In accordance with SON (2000), the used criteria to determine if a fact is notice is not so evidentes, but according to it, a concept in the journalistic way of that exists the fact to be news has to have something of spectacular or sensational and must be loaded of emotion. For SON (2000), the nature, the scientific research and astronomy are full of extraordinary, rare occurrences, but the social life, politics, economic of a country alone face as sensational the procedures that violate the norms, and in this in case that, can use as example the classic phrase of Amus Cumings, former-publisher of the New York Sun, according to which ' ' if a dog bites a man, is not notice, but, if a man it bites a dog, is notcia' '. Completing this idea, ATTUCH (1998) believes that the notice is what normally it runs away to the natural order of the events, that is, is the fact that undoes the routine of day-by-day. The Dictionary of communication, of Carlos Rabaa and Gustavo Barros (1987), defines notice as current story of facts or events, of interest and importance for the community, capable to be understood by the public. The use or effect intended with the notice is another aspect explored in the conceptualizations of Marcondes SON (1989) that it writes: The information transformed into merchandise with all its aesthetic, emotional and sensational apelos; pra this the information suffers a treatment that adapta to the marketing norms of generalization, standardization, simplification and negation of the subjetivismo.