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The commentators with the raised sobrolhos of concern. But, for who at least he knows what he means this such of ' ' business in the Stock market of Valores' ' , little matters. It does not have the minimum idea of what they are speaking. does not feel nothing absolutely. At least, for the time being. Crisis is crisis, but never it is crisis for all. For some, the crisis is until excellent, takes off advantage of it.

It goes up in it and it goes down of the economy ' ' insiders' ' , people with privileged information, profit astronomically. They rub the hands, satisfied, and laugh at ear the ear. Therefore, when it is boasted in the medias: ' ' The world is in crisis! ' ' , it would have to become question: ' ' Crisis for who? ' ' Ninety and nine percent of the Brazilians or more, not ' ' investem' ' in the stock markets, they do not negotiate with foreign currencies, derivative, subprime and other nastinesses, and they are not financial proprietors of banks or. The current crisis, is not a crisis of the immense majority of the Brazilians. thus what in them it so imports this commented crisis drug? It is that, they say, that the things go to get worse very, if this crisis will not be prevented or at least attenuated.

all goes to suffer sufficiently. A threat that affects to all, and urges for solution. As if for the Brazilians and other peoples, of long date, this already was not happening. Sets of ten of millions of Brazilians, great part of the population, if feed insufficiently, do not have adjusted housing, do not have treatment of health, do not have decent jobs, do not have as to educate its children. Crisis without size, crisis of truth. We suffer sufficiently, and it is not of today! The promise is that, decided this crisis satisfactorily, the things continue without getting worse very.