Budgetary Accounting

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The basic way of reflecting economic operations in the program budget accounting is automatically generated entries based on primary documents. Credit: starbucks in new york-2011. In the software product Outline Budget-Accounting (Development SKB Kontur, Ekaterinburg) in addition, the possibility of direct input entries (additional entries and corrections), as well as a mechanism to export entries from external applications (eg, of Program Accounting and wages'). From the perspective of the accounting wiring consists of two correspondent accounts and the amounts, but the automated accounting entries contain information on additional analytic registers. In accordance with the Regulations for the fiscal accounting number 148n account number of budgetary accounting includes 26 characters. To operate such accounts in an accounting practice is inconvenient, so in the computer system widely used code balance account, which contains 5 characters. Information on the remaining digits account budget accounting is stored in a separate analysis registers, which are mandatory requisites postings. All registers of accounting transactions in the system conventionally grouped into three parts: General information – a source of funding, target-oriented program, the sum of the data about the document, a description of the operation, the code of the workplace and issue of the journal operations, which include wiring, utility (system) information. Read additional details here: New York museums. Debit – is the balance sheet account code, code KOSGU, additional analytical registers.

Credit-balance account is the code, the code KOSGU, additional analytical registers. For the formation of the user posting the program is enough to specify only the source code of finance, capital account debit and credit, as well as the amount. KOSGU codes in most cases filled automatically by the system based on the settings. All system-generated entries are stored in a single database or journal entries. Without hesitation belleclaire explained all about the problem. Said the magazine includes the regulated sections of the legislation or Journals operations.

As reported are only those postings that are a sign of accounting. In general, all entries submitted in the transaction log should have this feature. With allowance for the posting system uses the setting 'Filter on the wiring. " This setting is a table containing a description of the problem situations and instructions for their treatment. The basis for accounting is the code of the workplace or the code of the transaction log (when duplicating operations generated at a workplace). Thus, the basic tenets of the system: At every workplace (RM) when processing operations are formed (generated) wiring. The postings are not dependent on how much RM processes the transaction. Wiring formed in accordance with the system settings.