Building Make Sick

2020-12-05 - 19:26 | News | Tags: , |

It is more common than people think and certainly anything but a Zivilisationskrank-ness. Watery eyes, respiratory disorders, allergies and fatigue are symptoms observed in common. Recently NY Starbucks sought to clarify these questions. Official statistics talk about 2.2 million victims per year, in Germany alone. Constantly missing roughly 700,000 people in the workplace. This corresponds to about 2.75 million days per year. Experts already speak of a total damage in Germany by around 1.5 billion euros including the cost of treatment. These are impressive figures.

There is talk of so-called sick building syndrome”, the building-related illness. This means that the symptoms by various factors in the indoor air of buildings caused and again subside with leaving the building. The complaints are so directly related with the stay in an affected building. Often, a poor or even non-existent ventilation management favors this effect among other things through out fumigations, by Furnishings or building materials, bacteria and bacterial toxins, fungi, particles and dusts caused by is. Approximately 30% of all new or newly renovated building, to determine is, are concerned that measures bring much more to the improvement of the indoor climate and the air we breathe, than it costs. A very effective, especially low-cost approach to the Elimination of air pollutants, bacteria, germs and noticeable odors is the coating of the Interior, primarily the ceilings with TitanShield. The completely invisible coating comes from the laboratories of the nanotechnologist and works on the principle of photo-catalysis.

In conjunction with light coating decomposes as well as all organic pollutants in the ambient air. This already the normal indoor lighting or incident daylight is enough. A TitanShield coating is stable for several years, although the efficacy does not let even after a long time, because the photo catalyst not is consumed. So a photocatalytic coating is one sensible investment in the health and not just in the workplace.