By Express

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By the city all central portion of the urban area was surrounded, enclosing of west the north, of east the south. For the field of Geography the water also is considered not only as a basic way to study the hidrogrfica basin while unit physicist-geographic, but, especially, as an element essential to understand and to understand the interaction Man/Nature and its relations are in the field or the city. From the study of the hidrogrficas basins, it is proven that the history of the rivers is the proper history of the men, and the life of the men in its relations and transformations throughout the time. Since the swimmers, fishing, messengers and the owners of tourist establishments that if usufruct of this majestical half natural one, each one with its singular way to usufruct of these waters and thus to fix it in its memories. After exit in the central area of Native of London, (to per) the course soon contemplated comment to entorno of Avenue 10 of December (By Express) where occurs a curiosity of the city that is a canal of pluvial draining enters the clod roller tracks that they carry the waters from rain that they go down of the most varied regions to its entorno, until being you deliver in next the Camb Brook to the Park Arthur Thomas.

Skirting the central area in all entorno of the Camb Brook, crosses it barrage of this river that forms the Lake Igap, main postal card of Native of London and one of the areas of bigger interaction of the londrinense, and the visitors of the city, with the waters that form the Basin of the Camb. The breakpoint and comment were in the headboards of the Camb Brook, that are placed next to the viaduct to PR 445 with BR 369. It is interesting to discover that many people circulate for those highways daily and nor imagine that ahead of its eyes, either to the right or the left, depending on its direction in the occasion, she does not recognize, many times nor imagine, that in the bushes between native trees, exotic trees and capim waters appear that will become some kilometers the front the Igap lake and forming the Basin of the Camb Brook, a hdrico resource that widely used by these inhabitants, whom it initiates in the side of the highway and finishes in the confluence of the Brook Three Mouths, that it inside receives waters from some tributaries been born of the proper city beyond the waters of rain that flow off of the roofs of the houses, commerce and industries, of the sidewalk, streets, soil waterproofed and canalized until its edges.