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It will be that the Capitalism alone exists pra to conserve the Wealth of the rich ones? It will be that alone it has money and wealth those that work? It will be that the SOCIALISM is a poor person ideal, because, ideal poor person nor has? It will be that one human being is RICH alone working? I already understand different very on this question of economic systems, therefore all had been created by we ourselves, none were created by GOD, then already it is seen that none gives, already, that, we human beings, are not intelligent, the sufficient, pra to be happy with the happiness of our next one, if in the capitalism we are not happy, therefore we from fear live the others and even with mourning, as we would be in the socialism? if we saw a beggar sheltered, no child in the signals, the empty chains, without violence, without hunger, all working, that is nobody with envy, since the system does not provoke this indifference for our next one, very interesting! only in thinking I feel a joy of living, therefore we went to walk in the streets with one truer freedom, since I would not be estressada alone in seeing my fellow creature, therefore in it I see my aggressor my enemy and not an friend, a partner, a friend I guarantee, that this world that is my dream, in that I am not passing these days, brief days, martirizam that me in such a way, I believe that it is for this reason that I die, and that he has that to look for in some place, this place, that nobody if worries, as well as the birds, of as daqui will be my day the fraction of seconds, this I am not I that I go to know. I will never go to know if I will be alive daqui the two seconds. They can give any name to the economic system, therefore what it interests it is not the name and yes what we live..