Center Elements

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We feel the presence of this dominant form of Qi in the spring flowering of nature, feel the richness of summer, breadth and generosity of all vegetation and odors in the atmosphere. Autumn – the period of decay and downsizing. Winter – preservation and conservation of resources. Between the seasons comes a sense of wealth, the immensity of completeness, especially between the summer and fall. 5 'elements' – the elements can be described in the directions of their actions: Water – a movement downward, as the movement of the waterfall from the mountain or pouring rain. Wood – move upwards towards the sun.

Fire – this radiation and its movement from the center spread in different directions how sparkler, not a movement of the flame. and during the warm air in all directions. Land – all movement on all sides directed toward the center. Metal – move in a spiral, naprvlennoe to a specific purpose, like twisting a screwdriver screw or nail into the wall. When we talk about the cycle of generating the elements, it is impossible to describe it only with material concepts.

This picture will be complete with actions. For example, a tree needs water – that's understandable. But when the frog jumps up, she first prisidaet and pressed to the ground. Thus, the jump up must first be a movement down (like a spring). Now it is clear why the element of water creates the element of wood. Wood generates fire. It's like fireworks. First, he flies into the sky like a rocket, and then radiation occurs in all side of a central point.