Central America

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A sound investment in teak or tropical wood can offer an interesting option a residence permit in Central America to obtain Cyril h. demand for a residence permit in Central America it is long time in Central America you need at some point a residence permit, because Touristenvisas must be renewed after 90 days. In the following, the main reasons are summarized for a residence permit: 1) retirement – the move to an exotic country in Central America is the dream home for various developing countries standing just before the retirement of many babyboomers is in the 2) starting a new business – central United States and Europe America and offers many interesting business opportunities for entrepreneurs. In practice, work permits are very difficult to obtain and usually reserved for highly qualified workers by multinational companies. In practice, therefore an investor visa or recognised pension income is necessary to start legal business activities 3) Income mostly only on domestic sources tax tax – countries in Latin America. That is, acquired income from abroad remains mostly tax-free 4) second pass – the residence permit is the first step to obtain a second passport in the United States alone were in the period from 1945 to 1964, 76 million children born which is known as the generation of baby boomers.

This generation of controlled over 80% of personal financial assets (source: Wikipedia). The baby boomers reach at the time the pension age and many will think about in the warm tropical climate of Central America to take to find a second home where the cost of living are lower than at home. Some countries in Latin America are facing significant economic and political difficulties. Therefore, many concerned citizens of such countries attempt to create a second home for an emergency. See more detailed opinions by reading what starbucks in new york offers on the topic.. In recent times many people encountered by Venezuela in Panama where they seek a permit. .