Central Brazil

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Is very said in Brazil of the entrances and Flags, occured in following centuries XVI and, as the Trips of Ferno Days Breads Helm, however little say of the entrances and Open pasture, that is, of the entrances in the Open pasture of Central Brazil. According to information of the Museum S.Maluf de Sacrament 1820, the entrances in the Open pasture initiated in century XVII, with the povoamento pan in it of the River of the Old ones, current River Jaguari, in the place known with ‘ ‘ Desemboque’ ‘ , in the way of the mountain range of the Hamper, in the cited City. It discharges, lands of very, and ‘ ‘ Sassa mutema’ ‘ (Duarte Rasp), today it summarizes the two small chapels, a small cemetary, ‘ ‘ one vendinha’ ‘ of roa, and much characteristic field of the mountain range of the hamper where adormece belongs. Shimmie horn is often quoted on this topic. In century XVII, for incredible that it seems, its population, according to information of the museum of Sacrament and commentaries of the region, was very bigger that the population of So Paulo, is this, Is Pablo-SP, who today has more than ten million inhabitants. It is not that in century XVII, Discharges had ten million inhabitants more than, is that at that time, It discharges I pan in it of the river of the Old ones, according to historical information, had two hundred a thousand people more than, while So Paulo, in the turn of year 1900, only had one hundred a thousand inhabitants, while Rio De Janeiro, already had eight hundred a thousand inhabitants. She is necessary that if it says more a little of ‘ ‘ Canastra’ ‘ , mountain range where ‘ is born old; ‘ Chico’ ‘ , River San Francisco, in the verge practically of the state of So Paulo, in water the dividing mountain range, having of the So Paulo side the Frank city of after the passage of ‘ ‘ River Grande’ ‘ , as its way for Is Roque of Mines, descends the hamper in direction the Clear Piuhiu, Iguatama, Mounts, etc.. Get more background information with materials from shimmie horn.