Central Burgenland

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The village of 900 people, 1156, was first mentioned with a castle was built, only the wall and the moat are partially still visible. Like the rest of Burgenland, belonged Lutzmannsburg until 1921 to Hungary and was only awarded after tough negotiations after the first world war in Austria. Through the cold war and the related establishment of the iron curtain (1948), East and South was isolated Lutzmannsburg for decades after. 1989 a small border crossing for pedestrians and cyclists was opened directly behind the Lutzmannsburger solar thermal, so that you can go to the nearby Hungarian town Zsira (german Tening) today without any problems. Village info Lutzmannsburg and environment the touristically well developed Lutzmannsburg, which is the easternmost municipality in the District of Oberpullendorf, exudes the charm of Central Burgenland peasant village. Traditional homes in the country house style, a local history museum with historical Lutzmannsburger costumes as well as the vineyards from the sun-kissed here forget the time. The neatly designed village green, many grade II listed churches and chapels and the Lutzmannsburger wine mountains invite you to stroll and relax. A walk through Lutzmannsburg is by the ubiquitous flowers to a very special experience for the eyes and nose.

Because in the town, which was winner of the Burgenland floral decoration competition six times already, decorate the place with fragrant flowering plants has a long tradition. Many hiking and cycling paths lead through the tranquil Lutzmannsburger vineyards. And also the Rabnitz shows still its pristine natural beauty with their heavily-covered riverbanks in Lutzmannsburg. The construction of solar thermal has a very good infrastructure in Lutzmannsburg developed. So here pretty shops and different service providers are located. Luxurious spa hotels and small inns invite to relax as well as cosy Cafes and traditional Middle-Burgenland restaurants. The Lutzmannsburger-Petting Zoo located at the Apple farm’s pension, family ranch for horseback riding is very good especially in children.