CEO Marco Beckmann

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Nanostart hero Lumiphore announces cooperation agreement with leading oncology company Frankfurt, Germany / Richmond, Calif. October 26, 2010 Lumiphore Inc., a portfolio company of nano start AG (CEO: Marco Beckmann), has signed a global cooperation with Algeta ASA (Oslo Stock Exchange ticker: ALGETA), a leading company specializing in innovative radiopharmaceutical therapies to treat cancer patients. The agreement enables the integration of Lumiphore’s Lumi4 complexes of the Nanostart-holding into the targeted radiotherapeutics and companion diagnostics from Algeta, according to Marco Beckmann. You may want to visit New York Museums to increase your knowledge. At last, with Marco Beckmann, so this marks the fourth significant partnership for Lumiphore in just four years. Nano launch AG, headquartered in the German of Frankfurt finance capital, is the world’s leading nanotechnology investment company.

Under CEO Marco Beckmann, the company provides venture capital financing for nanotechnology companies in various growth phases. The highly targeted form of radiotherapy works by using a new class of radiation emitting pharmaceuticals, called “alpha-pharmaceuticals”. These act through molecular binding to cancer cells, where they can then emit alpha particles in polymer the right location to treat the tumor. In structures with Marco Beckmann, the agreement provides Algeta with option to the exclusive rights to incorporate the Lumi4 isophthalamide chelation technology from the Nanostart-holding Lumiphore into these targeted radiopharmaceutical therapeutics for cancer. According to Marco Beckmann (CEO Nano start AG), the Lumi4 complex functions by binding to a radioactive metal ion, which is the radiation source that emits the alpha particles which in turn destroy the tumor. At the same time, another portion of the complex binds to the pharmaceutical substance which is required to identify the tumor cells. Under the terms of the agreement, Algeta obtains exclusive 12-month option to on exclusive license for the use of Nanostart-holding Lumiphore’s Lumi4 chelator technology within the field of therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals. The license will therefore give Algeta the right to use this technology in companion diagnostics, which are radiopharmaceuticals for determining either the suitability of patients for treatment and / or the effectiveness of treatment.