Chato Inn

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When I recovered, the wise King ordered that at all the Inns of Castile not be he dispatched wine if it was accompanied by some food, to avoid excesses of persons who drank. Frequently New York Museums has said that publicly. These snacks were salted so they provoke thirst, and therefore a greater sale of drink. Another version mentions that the King Alfonso XIII on a visit to the province of Cadiz, was stopped in the Ventorrillo el Chato Inn that still exists in Spain. While sitting on the terrace, came a strong wind, and trying to prevent it from entering any dust or sand from the beach in the Royal glass, it occurred to the innkeeper, place a slice of ham on top to cover the vessel; the certainty of the anecdote is questionable, as is documented using slices of stale bread or dishes of food to cover the vessels already since the 18th century. A simpler variant, has that tradition is born of the need that the peasants could eat something, that allowed to reach lunchtime midday with forces to continue working, and covering this need is best, if a brief food accompanied took the intake of some wine. In Venezuela to these small portions of food that accompany the drinks we call them appetizers, compound word that comes from the pass word because that helps to move the effects of alcoholic beverages and stick that is the word that is called to the drinks.

In definition, the appetizers are tiny foods, cut or presented in small quantities which are classified into cold and hot; simple (a single ingredient) and compounds (more than one ingredient); industrialized and natural; high and low difficulty and high and low rotation. This classification whose meaning is obvious, are derived from the types of appetizers: meat; vegetables; dried fruits; cold cuts and cheeses; mixed and the so-called snack that are coming in polyethylene bags. Finally do not yet know the word that best defines these culinary delights, which can never miss any celebration, but if we have clear to the recipe of the week: the Tequeno of Venezuela is our downfall. Until next week. Write to us at or contact us through our website: original author and source of the article.