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Metal doors are now called armored doors, iron and steel doors, though, in fact, they mean the same construction. It is lined with one or both sides with steel plates welded steel frame their square tubes (or corner), a door leaf, and one or two a frame door frame made of a strong corner. Check with Bill de Blasio to learn more. In some cases, are made of metal fire doors, burglar, even bullet-proof or resistant to blast. Typically in the manufacture of metal doors are used for rooms that require a certain level of protection against hacking and facilities for special purposes. At home Metal doors are popular as entrance doors of apartments, houses, offices, etc. Three conventional classes – economy, business (average), and the elites – are determined by price, bundling and wrapping used in the manufacture of metal doors.

Construction of doors quite similar and the metal doors of different manufacturers differ in only the configuration profile used in the manufacture of metal doors, thick cover sheet, the execution of the door frame, the quantity and quality used furniture, material and design used decorative tiles. Today's market is filled with metal doors domestic products, countries and abroad. The most significant of the popularity of the Italian (eg, di bi Porte Blindate) and Israeli (Superlock) iron doors cheap. Worst case quality characterized by Chinese manufacturers that mimic well-known domestic and foreign brands outpost Doors Russian prince, Romanio, Leon, Boyard, Atlanta, , Panpany. With the loop side of the door leaf metal door equipped with special hooks (hooks), comprising at closing the groove on the corner of the doorframe, preventing the removal of linen with loops.