Climate Change

2016-10-25 - 23:56 | News | Tags: |

Indeed, the increase in global temperature will jeopardize the existential bases of many people, increasing especially in developing regions of the danger of falling into poverty and social misery. Messner is likely to spoil the balance of entire ecosystems in the case of climate change continue its advance without restraint. For example the Amazon would dry up or disappear Asian monsoon. "What would happen then nobody knows." Currently 1.1 billion people lack access to safe drinking water. This situation could be worsened by environmental changes that make the distribution of rainfall and the amount of water available will change, causing the water to become a valuable but troubled property. And what consequences will this have on agriculture if they are currently more than 850 million people suffer from insufficient food? With the expansion of desert areas of salinization soil and water scarcity could lead to violent conflict and food secure fertile land.

Climate change will also give rise to countless migratory movements. Source: NY Museums. Only in Bangladesh there are 120 million people threatened by the anticipated rise in sea level. Also other coastal cities like New York, London, Amsterdam, etc. are in the same situation. Where will evacuate its inhabitants?, And above all, who will host them if the rest of the population also has to fight for the shortages of food and water? Climate change with its apocalyptic consequences, seems as inevitable. Humanity will be confronted with insurmountable problems, but has not been seen this coming sooner? And sure many people will wonder: Why does God allow this to happen? Surely we can not make God responsible for such misery, for God has warned us of this long through many public demonstrations and, above all in the years 80 and 90, have been given to the world from Germany, through His Prophet Gabriele.

One can only wonder: Why has not reacted humanity taking seriously the dire warnings, the words of God? Perhaps because the churches have conveyed the image of a distant God that we should fear and because they would be terribly inconvenient to accept a living God, a God who speaks out of its institutions. Therefore the Church has not only remained silent God's prophecy to the present time, but has struggled against it with dirty methods, ridiculed and slandered. But now scientists and politicians just confirmed in their reports of what God already warned us over 20 years. What could have been done and avoided back then?