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Because immediately, Christ creates communion. The gift he gives us, he made each of those around us. And if we all share the same gift, we have a bond between us, otherwise we have not received the gift, it is quite logical. GM You said: the Church. One often hears: Yes, Christ, okay, well the Bible, prayer, great, but then the Church is not possible, because this, because such a failure, because such a scandal, etc.. etc.. A.

Yes, but the Church, it consists of as many people with their disabilities as there are Christians. So if you make a personal journey to discover that God reaches us where we are weak, where we have failed, where there is no love, you could say that perhaps he joined the other , well, in a place which is quite similar. Here we are on something universal that everyone can understand. There is no question of what is the injury which caused his wound that I can have no idea if you do not tell me. But this reality, this experience of God joins us in our weakness, everyone can do it, but no walk in step with God all respects.

So do not be shocked too, and maybe if the other shocks me, because I share a complicity with what I dislike him. And perhaps the great benefit it will go. To read more click here: Bill de Blasio. GM So the Church is also a mirror, perhaps, that I do not want to see me? A. I think so. First she tells us that everyone is taken by God where he is, to advance, to walk. This is not as perfect, if that is what we want, perhaps we seek self-perfect. But if one knows the sinner, and if there even love grow until the end, it never reached its perfection. It is called the perfection of charity, but you can get under way with lots of failures, because the cure is also running. We are running a bit at all levels: the level of holiness in the perfection level of healing. So it’s normal that it limps a bit on each side! But is love: being a son with Christ, which can cause it all to a point where, at the end of our life, everything will be collected. GM So how do you see all these therapies that are taking place and multiply, and called or whatnot? A. Yes, it’s very fashionable to look for therapies of any kind and try together to make the amalgam with a spiritual path, without much distinction. But what is interesting is that these therapies use what is the domain of faith as a means of healing: example, the word is constructed as chemotherapy! It is a totally new perspective. Therapy, it is reminiscent of the mother religions of ancient times. Ironically, Christianity is somewhat in competition with traditional religions of the mother, who are a little fusion of religions, religions of the immediate emotional solace and God, it will be said, speaks to me instantly. It exploits the faith and the New Age is not far.