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Other point to be detached is that a possible critical atmosphere of this book would have to be contained by the Brazilian dictatorship, then not could to have no type of aversion to thoughts of ruling class, as much that the contained neomalthusianas ideas only affected the poor population, that was responsible for one future ambient crisis, for an explosion demographic etc. (we must stand out that nor the book and mainly the professor could divergir of the dominant ideals in this period, therefore were intitled by the dictatorship of Communists, and/or contrary to the development of Brazil). We know, then, that the book is loaded of speeches, national and international, what it does not become the book or our less important analysis, for the opposite, our analysis becomes peculiar, for the especificidade of this moment, and perhaps for the only characteristic of the didactic book of geography of this moment. E, over all, we will relembraremos that our concern in analyzing the didactic book is that this, as already said, is a tool of the professor, many times, (equivocadamente), the only tool, and, over all, she is one of the sources of information of the pupils, who many times, judge this information as an absolute truth. We do not have the pretension to enumerate the critical ones without standing out and to stand out the importance of the didactic book, therefore, this is party to suit teach-learning. On the importance of the didactic book we find in the words of proper Igor. the G.

Moreira and E. Auricchio, in the manual of the professor of the book of 8. year, a contribution importantssima, and that it demonstrates the brilhantismo of the author, beyond all the importance of the book, all the fragility, the imparcialidade of the same, and all the responsibility of the professor, who must have autonomy and theoretical endorsement for divergir of the when possible book and when it to judge necessary.