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Rather they have an easy and fluent relationship because they understand life through another Prism. Their problems are not problems, but circumstances. They are exempt from complaints and reproaches. They appreciate his independence and respected the decisions of other members, without imposing their own. Chosen happiness is not to enjoy everything that happens to us. But a wise acceptance of each fact. The family happiness chosen as such, does not seek nor expect perfection to be accomplished. You need determination, rules and solid bases; and action to be carried out.

the first of these features is that, as a family, they have a creed which settle and grow. Your family environment be identified on that basis? About which concepts? Respect? Freedom?. Start by finding a few commandments on which you want to walk. For this reason and not forgetting that we are talking about a group of people who will be directed, involve them, get them involved. Prepares those questions that seem relevant to you, and inform them of your idea. Spread your illusion about the power get a special benefit for all as individual entities and as a collective family. All members should have their contribution to equal parts here.

All should be heard, on the basis of a tolerant and respectful dialogue. All comments should be examined and commented. Write once discussed, your commandments. So remember that we are looking further than concepts constraints, external and temporary values. It is build a Constitution which go, get a solid foundation that supports the rest of the structure. A base that always remember us the value of a healthy and strong relationship with which each Member can enrich themselves and grow constantly. But, as we mentioned nothing of what you say here will teach you both as a sincere hug to those you love, a word of affection, a wink of complicity or an empty intent listener.